Refresher LiftSM Process

Is the Refresher Lift Right For You?

The Refresher Lift process begins with a consultation. The consultation includes an evaluation of the patient’s expectations and motives, as well as a physical evaluation and a series of computer simulations. We want to make sure you are seeking a Refresher Lift for the right reasons, for instance to look younger and increase your confidence. However, patients who are motivated by negative emotions, such as low self-esteem, or who have unrealistic expectations, such as the desire to look like a model or actress, are unlikely to have a good experience.

Our first consultation will also include an evaluation of your specific needs, and putting together a specific plan of action to address them. The Refresher Lift is made up of a combination of smaller procedures, which can be applied as needed to address your specific needs and goals. Problem areas that can be addressed with specific procedures include forehead wrinkles, puffy lower eyelids, excess neck skin, upper lip wrinkles, and various scars, spots, or fine lines.

The specificity of the procedures needed to address these problems is one reason a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon is a part of all Refresher Lift procedures. Your board-certified plastic surgeon is trained in all of the available procedures for facial rejuvenation, while a physician with different certification will lack this expertise.

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Computer Simulations

During your initial consultation, we will give you a preview of your results, using computer simulation software. Be aware, of course, that due to factors including the intricacy of each procedure, the individual healing process, the subtlety of skin tone, and limitations to current technology,these simulations cannot predict the precise outcomes of a procedure – but they are highly indicative, and in fact, your actual results will often appear more natural than the simulation photos.

Here are some examples of what our computer simulations can show:

Computer Simulation Side View

Computer Simulation Side View

Notice how the surgeon, via the computer, has smoothed the neck line, raised the eyebrow, and diminished the folds around the nose and mouth.

refresher lift process computer simulation

Computer Simulation Front View

Computer Simulation Front View

In the right (After) photo you’ll see the reduction of nasal-mouth folds, a straightened jaw line, and a slightly raised and smoothed forehead.

dr drehsen refresher lift computer simulation

Computer Simulation ¾ View

Computer Simulation ¾ View

Here, the right-hand simulation shows a straightened jaw line and lifted cheek. However, this image is an example of the limitations of computer simulation: though the simulation image shows lifted eyebrows, it is not able to accurately simulate the lifting of the brow that will occur during the actual Refresher Lift.

dr christian drehsen's refresher lift computer simulation

Erasing the Signs of Aging

The Refresher Lift can’t actually turn back the clock, but as these results show, it can at least make you look up to 20 years younger. That’s because when we look at someone, our brains intuitively evaluate their age, based primarily on the appearance of their face. Without even consciously thinking about it, we evaluate hints including skin tone, lip fullness, eyelid smoothness, and cheek fullness. A Refresher Lift is designed to remove or reduce telltale signs of aging by addressing all of these signs, and more.

For instance, a Refresher Lift improves skin tone in a variety of ways:

  • Wrinkles will tend to disappear because the skin surface is stretched slightly.
  • Old wrinkles will not reappear in the same place, because the skin is displaced slightly relative to underlying muscles and movement lines.
  • Skin will look fresher after surgery because of increased blood flow to the face – something which can’t be captured by our computer simulation.

Remember, these dramatic results are possible because the Refresher Lift can only be performed by
a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, with experience in hundreds or even thousands of plastic surgery procedures.
That experience helps us not only to get fantastic results, but to help you understand the procedure from start to finish.

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The Refresher Lift Recovery and Healing Process

Within 24 hours after your procedure, your body will enter Phase 1 of healing. These early days are often alarming for many patients as the early healing produces a strong, but variable inflammatory response: swelling! The body produces an outpouring of its repair cells to seal the dissue disruption and incisions produced by the surgery. After only a few days (5-7), the swelling tapers off and the features recover a normal outlook.

Around Weeks 2-5, your body will enter Phase 2 of healing. The swelling will continue tapering off and the features become refreshed, quite natural and youthful. The healing becomes progressively stronger and virtually all activities are allowed by Week 5. At that stage all superficial swelling has disappeared, but the healing continues internally quite strongly for the next 2-3 months, as demonstrated by the firmness and redness of the incisions as the operated areas soften more and more.

After 3 months and up to one year, your body will be in Phase 3 of healing: Late Healing. Scars and internal repairs mature and soften up scars, redness fades away, facial expressions are totally natural and numbness has virtually disappeared.

Home rest is recommended for the first day or two after surgery. By day three, though you will still be experiencing some bruising and discomfort, the healing process will be well underway, and you’ll likely be ready to get out and about. The following photos show the recovery process of a patient who had a Refresher Lift, and her healing process.

The Healing Process

Below are some quotes from our patients about the healing process:

  • Day 3 after surgery: I have lots of swelling and my features are distorted, but the discomfort is very modest.
  • Day 4 after surgery: The swelling has increased, and I’m a little anxious – or, as my husband put it, “snappy.”
  • Day 5 after surgery: Yes! The swelling is subsiding and my features are returning to normal. Today feels like my turnaround day. No more pain.
  • Day 6 after surgery: A little improvement since yesterday. Less swelling. I can look in the mirror and visualize the final result.
  • Day 7 after surgery: Back to work. My stitches have been removed. A little makeup is enough to cover the tiny pink spots that are still healing.
  • Day 8 after surgery: I feel like I’m back to normal. My skin looks so much more vibrant, and the swelling is almost completely gone.
  • Day 10 after surgery: More improvement. I’m so excited about my new look. It’s getting better every day!
  • Day 14 after surgery: Why did I wait until I was 54 to do this? I should have done it at 40! I’m thrilled, and my husband is elated. I don’t feel like the same person I see in my old pictures.

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