Refresher LiftSM vs. Other Face Lifts

The Refresher Lift — Rejuvenate Your Expression!

The success of Refresher Lift after other methods of rejuvenation is certainly reflected in the fact that more than 60% of our patients have had a previous face lift elsewhere! A failed face lift usually requires the Refrehser Lift method to be successfully corrected. In early cases of failing face lifts, several options will be presented to you, illustrated by Before & After Computer Imaging. Several customized packages such as fat grafting, radio-frequency tightening, sculptra and fat graft combinations, peels, lasers, CoolSculpting, etc. are all available at the Clinique of Plastic Surgery Centres and can, in specific circumstances, produce excellent corrections. The Mini Lift, Lifestyle lift, QuickLift, Lunchtime Lift, and Liquid Face Lift — what do they all have in common? They all provide distorting results that need to be corrected in a few short years.

Is there an effective, long-lasting, NATURAL way to look like your best self?

The answer is YES! Thankfully, there is a more refined alternative – designed just for you, that delivers amazing results. Introducing the Refresher Lift!

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The Refresher Lift literally changes, for the better, how people read your facial expression.

Here’s how:

  • A fresh look — not tight, or windswept.
    The Refresher Lift restores youthful volume with careful, precise fat grafting, lifting cheeks and cheekbone areas in a natural, vertical direction, rather than pulling skin backwards.
  • A natural hairline — don’t lose your locks!
    Properly designed incisions are key to a natural hairline, and to avoiding a receding hairline: a tell tale sign of lesser lifts.
  • Create a dynamic jawline – that treats the neck with respect
    By removing fat from below the jawline, rather than simply pulling the skin back as other lifts do, the neck looks much younger.
  • Cheek uplift – key to creating positive lines!
    Our proprietary suspension design really stands the Refresher Lift apart, and is often overlooked by lesser facelifts.
  • Restore facial fitness – it’s about your whole expression,
    Rejuvenating the expression takes more than tightening the skin; it takes restoration of tissue and facial outlines to recreate a pleasant and youthful expression.

Remember: so-called “Mini Lifts” or “Lunchtime Lifts” merely nip and tuck excess skin, without concern for restoring the volume, facial structure and expression. These lifts focus on the lower- and mid-face, which is why they create an unbalanced, unnatural look. Changing only one small portion of the face, without creating symmetry with the rest of the face, is what creates an unbalanced tightness immediately recognizable as “the face lift look.” The Refresher Lift rejuvenates your whole face using a more deeply considered approach — choosing procedures that reflect your particular features and how they are all interconnected.

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The Right Plan for You.

Each face is different. We all age by losing soft tissue, but the impact on our facial outline and expression depends on your characteristics.Your unique features call for a procedure plan that is designed especially for you! The first step in the Refresher Lift Process is to evaluate your unique features and goals. We then make plan to achieve those goals from a range of procedures, taking into account each feature and line that make your overall expression. A good example: patients with a persistent frowning or tired expressions may benefit from a Dual Plane Brow Lift, while Fat Grafting is the right solution for poor skin volume or texture.

See the Results for Yourself!

Please review our Before and After Gallery, where you will see that each Refresher Lift involves a unique, carefully tailored combination of individual procedures — which come together to create a balanced, natural looking outcome.

A Quick Recovery – For Lasting Positive Results

Various mini-lifts advertise “no recovery” times. The reality is mini-lifts are a temporary pick-me-up, and their recovery time reflects their limitations. Before long, you will be back to fix or re-restore your look! In contrast, the Refresher lift comes with a basic recovery time of one to two weeks – but with amazing results that last. Weigh the recovery times against the results. A supposed “no recovery” time for an inferior, short-lived facelift, or relatively short recovery for lasting, high quality results?

What About the Cost?

It comes down to value. A Refresher Lift does cost more than a Mini Face Lift or Lifestyle Lift, but with good reason.

  • The Refresher Lift addresses the entire face rather than a small portion, with a set of procedures that restores overall facial fitness and considers the interconnectedness of each part of your face.
  • While many heavily marketed mini-lifts are performed by young, inexperienced, and uncertified physicians, the Refresher Lift is performed by a board-certified Plastic Surgeon, with 30 years of experience and numerous awards and recognitions from national and international groups.
  • The Refresher Lift results are long lasting, and of natural, superior quality — unlike those of most mini-lifts.

If you feel the Refresher Lift is out of your price range, we have some controversial advice: it is better to do nothing, than to subject your looks to the unpredictable and unnatural consequences of a bargain-basement mini-lift. Insist on quality, or wait until you can. With an extremely high success rate, I have refined the Refresher Lift process over the last ten years — for over 700 patients! The positive social response to our Refresher Lift patients has been remarkable. Read the Emoticon Effect study and judge the results  for yourself by reviewing the before and after gallery!

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