Video Gallery

Diane, Age 60

“I had not considered cosmetic surgery very seriously before I attended one of Dr. Drehsen’s seminars. After seeing the slides of actual patients and hearing their stories first hand, I wanted to have the same great results.  I looked older than I felt and like many others mentioned, I definitely looked tired.  After hearing the doctor speak, I felt complete confidence in him. His staff was very professional and helpful answering questions, and I set up a consultation for later that week.”

Connie, Age 55

“The doctor did his magic with the pen on the computer, and it was like ‘Really, I’m going to look like this?'”

Viviane, Age 55

“Before the procedure I felt like an old shoe. Now I feel like a Marc Jacobs $1,000 shoe.”

Clara, Age 62

“I trusted Dr. Drehsen. I knew he was the one in my heart of hearts. His staff is outstanding, they give you more than you ever need. Instant friends, new BFFs. I thought that the end result way exceeded my expectations.”

Marta, Age 62

“I did my part as a patient and I knew Dr. Drehsen would do his part as a doctor. He’s not just a doctor, he’s an artist. He loves what he does. He’s a genius. He’s not only skilled but he loves what he does.”

Jan, Age 72

“We had a consultation with Dr. Drehsen, and like all these girls talked about, the computer imaging that he did was dramatic. And I thought, if I could just look half that good, I would be really happy.  I was just really excited about the results that happened. I couldn’t dream that it would come out this good.”

Susan, Age 56

“My best gift after getting this surgery was, I don’t worry, when I wake up. I’m not concerned that I look bad. And I have that confidence that I can go about my business, whether it’s family, friends, showing clients properties, doing appraisals, whatever, that I’m not worried about how I look.”

Anita, Age 57

“I had the Refresher Facelift. My brow got pulled up. I had bags under my eyes and had them removed. I had jowels and a big thick neck, and I wanted to get rid of that more than anything. He got rid of the bags under my eyes. I had people come up to me and say ‘Wow, you look different. What is it? Gosh you really look young. You look like you’ve lost weight.’”

Lynn, Age 60

“It worked out well for me. I’m happy I did it. The staff is amazing. I can tell you I couldn’t have done any of this without their support. They treated you like a person they respected. No matter what you asked, even some of the stupid questions I know I asked. I got my picture taken yesterday for post-surgery, and I thought ‘Wow, that’s me?’ So I was very, very happy with everything.”

Margaret, Age 67

“I think everything’s looking very, very good. I think with women my age, they are in their sixties and they think ‘it is too late for me to do this.’ It’s never too late. I’m 67 and a half. So for the ladies of my age, think about yourself.”

Lisa, Age 61

“I really liked the philosophy of a natural look. In doing a little research on Dr. Drehsen, I really appreciated his years of experience. And the recovery was much easier than I would have expected. As far as, would I do it again–absolutely. It’s been a very positive experience and relatively easy.”

Maureen, Age 61

“I’m a family therapist, I work with people and how I look and how I present myself is very important. Four weeks ago I had the Refresher Lift and he also did a Fat Transfer. Was I scared? Absolutely. But Dr. Drehsen has held my hand. And his staff, they have walked with me through this whole thing. The other day, I had this client and he kept saying ‘You look different, you’ve lost weight!’ and I didn’t say anything. It’s been quite a journey and I’m so, so grateful.”

Carol, Age 58

“I think Dr. Drehsen is a man with a gift. Dr. Drehsen is so professional and interested in you. He cares about what you want and the effect that you desire in your life. His staff are so encouraging, so gracious, so kind. Always professional. If we ever had a question, it didn’t matter what time of day it was, somebody was there to answer that. If you are considering this, this is who you want to do it. You don’t want anybody else to touch you. No matter what age you are, if this will enhance your life, if this restoration, this refreshing will make you feel better, go for it. This is your gift. Open it.”

Santiago, Age 68

“I researched Dr. Drehsen for two years before I became a patient and I found the care that he gave his patients was beyond even excellence. I checked him out professionally, and I found consistently, over and over again, people admired his work, they studied his work, and I felt very confident there. And culturally, I wanted to have something done that when my friends looked at me they wouldn’t say, ‘Oh you had a facelift.’ I met with Dr. Drehsen several times, then had our first procedure together. I need to tell you that the care was fabulous! Any questions that we asked were answered immediately. I think for all of us, we’re in a stage of our life and we live in a society where looking good is great; feeling good is great. For anybody, at any age, is a fabulous thing to feel good about yourself. The return of investment–priceless! Just absolutely priceless. And I would encourage you to work with Dr. Drehsen and with his staff. They are absolutely outstanding.”

Marion, Age 58

“The experience was remarkable. Dr. Drehsen has the eye of an artist; he has the hands of an artist. And he knows exactly what you need. Trust him. The staff is beautiful; they are kind. The facility’s beautiful. They are always happy to help you, answer questions. We appreciate him very much.”

Karen, Age 53

“When I went to visit Dr. Drehsen and I saw all his Before and After’s, every single picture was a WOW picture, and that’s what I wanted. I wanted a WOW! After consulting with Dr. Drehsen and his team, I was definitely convinced that he was the surgeon that I wanted to do my facelift.”