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Do you ever wonder why people often ask you: Are you tired, sad, angry, or not well?

You are certainly not alone!

Many of my Refresher Lift patients endured such well-meaning, but ultimately hurtful inquiries from close friends, and even perfect strangers for a long time. Until they decided to do something about it.

Intrigued by the similarities of my patients’ complaints, I began to study the effects of age on our facial features. The facial outlines (or “vectors”) can change dramatically through loss of volume and gravity, projecting undesirable expressions.

A few simple facial lines (“expression lines”) by their specific alignments convey common emotional messages. Most people understand these communications in the same way we interpret the meaning of an “Emoticon” in our text messages. When I made this realization, I decided to increase my emphasis on correcting unwelcomed expressions, and to incorporate these corrections into my facial rejuvenation technique.

This simple idea is now published in the American Journal of Cosmetic Surgery. 80 medical students reviewed a random sample of my Refresher Lift results, showing an amazingly positive social response to the improved expressions and youthful faces!

I named this amazing response: “The Emoticon Effect”

I personally invite you to review our gallery of results and patient testimonials. I firmly believe that you will reach the same conclusions!